Does Williams Think the Fed Was Too Loose in the 2000s?

People are still debating who is to blame for the housing debt bubble. While there are many complementary explanations, the most heated arguments center on the role of monetary policy. Careful analysis suggests John Williams, the incoming president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, may agree with those who blame excessively low interest […]

Reading Richard Clarida: Hawk or Dove?

Text size The Federal Reserve Board is set to get a new vice chairman: Richard Clarida has been nominated to fill the slot opened by Stanley Fischer’s departure in October. A professor at Columbia University and a managing director at Pimco, Clarida has experience both with academic monetary economics and financial markets. This experience provides a […]

Buy Shorter-Term and Emerging Market Bonds: BlackRock

Text size Rick Rieder, who oversees $1.7 trillion as chief investment officer of BlackRock’s (BLK) global fixed income, said at a briefing on Wednesday that bond investors need to rethink go-to strategies as the Federal Reserve begins to raise rates and come out of its quantitative-easing mode, creating an “extraordinary” period for the market. iStockphoto […]